Highweigh Weighbridge in Iceland


Colas was awarded the project of supplying materials and equipment for the re-laying of the runways at Iceland’s Keflavik International Airport, the countries main hub. Due to Iceland’s historic volcanic activity, the minerals sourced locally are not suitable for the project therefore all materials are imported from Norway and must be strictly measured and logged for use.

Libra have supplied the weighing system do so by utilising a combination of an 18m Weighbridge, unmanned systems and software. By setting up the system as user friendly as possible we have managed to allow the customer to use the weighbridge at anytime with very little driver intervention and the data is collected via the customers laptop and then transferred to the main offices in Reykjavik for data storage.

Our export assembly HighWeigh Weighbridge was easily transported via an 20ft shipping container and assembled and ready to use in under 6 hours. Within the UK our HighWeigh Weighbridges are factory assembled and delivered onsite in two pieces onboard a HIAB lorry and can be commissioned, ready for use in under 3 hours.

Keflavík Airport, Iceland
Surface or Pit Mount

Highweigh Weighbridge

Heavy Duty Beam Design Weighbridge with Capacities upto 200 tonnes.

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