18 meter Fully Refurbished Weighbridge


How We Refurbished an Old Weighbridge and Saved Our Customer Money

Weighbridges are essential for many industries that need to measure the weight of vehicles and their loads. However, weighbridges can also be expensive to buy and maintain, especially if they are old and worn out. That’s why we offer a weighbridge refurbishment service that can restore your old weighbridge to its former glory and save you money over ordering a brand new one when possible.

The Challenge

Our customer had an old weighbridge that had been out of commission for some time and had definitely seen better days. After removing the jungle of build up, we were able to fully assess the structural integrity of the steel structure. The decking was damaged and the wiring and load cells were outdated. The weighbridge was also not compatible with modern software and peripherals, such as LED displays and traffic lights.

The Solution

The customer wanted to upgrade their weighbridge system, but they did not want to spend a fortune on a new one. We offered our weighbridge refurbishment service that involved stripping down the old weighbridge, performing thorough checks and replacing the decking, wiring, and load cells with new ones. The weighbridge was also fully primed and  powder coated to protect it from corrosion for years to come.

The Benefits

By refurbishing their old weighbridge, our customer was able to save money over ordering a brand new weighbridge, as they only paid for the parts and labor that were needed to restore their existing one. They have extended the lifespan of their original weighbridge, as they now have a durable and robust weighing platform with modern technology that will make their weighing operations easier, faster and more accurate.

Weighbridge refurbishment is a cost-effective and convenient way to upgrade your old weighbridge system without having to buy a new one. It can improve your weighing efficiency, accuracy, and safety, while saving you money and time.

If you have an old weighbridge that needs some TLC, contact us today for a free quote on our weighbridge refurbishment service. We have the experience and expertise to handle any type of weighbridge, regardless of its brand or condition.



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