Train Weighing Systems

Static & Dynamic Train Weighing Systems

Libra supply a wide range of precision static and dynamic train weighing systems worldwide, providing accurate weighing that is essential for efficient train operation and safety whilst also meeting compliance with your local regulations.

We have systems designed for use in train depots as well as systems tailor made to be installed outside anywhere in the rail network.

We have portable solutions to perform spot tests such as our TW1 systems, High Speed Weigh in Motion systems like our INFORCE WIM as well as the robust full carriage Trapper weighbridge.

Browse through are products below and see for yourself why Libra's train weighing scales are the top choice for rail professionals around the world.

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TW1-AX Mobile Train Weigher

TW1-AX Mobile Train Weigher

TW1-AX Mobile Train Weigher units can be used statically or dynamically to weigh single axles, bogies, wagons or full trains in a low speed weigh in motion configuration. 


Trapper Rail Weighbridge

The Trapper train weighbridge can be configured to weigh individual bogies or complete wagons at high accuracy.


INFORCE WIM - Weigh in Motion Train Weighing


TW5 Modular Train Wagon Weighbridge


TW4 Train Wagon Weighbridge


TW7 CMS Railcar Weigher


TW2 Mobile Train Weigher


TW3 Train Balancing System


TW8 Railcar Door Force Measurement

Essential Portable Safety Device for measuring door closing force on passenger train carriages.

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