Weighbridge Maintenance & Repairs

Weighbridge Maintenance & Repairs

FREE Weighbridge Inspection & Analysis

If you have problems with your existing weighbridge or are thinking it’s time for a new weighbridge, get it touch with us. Many weighbridge problems can be solved easily and economically.

Preventative Maintenance Contracts

Keep Your Weighbridges Operating Hassle Free, Everyday of the Year.

Imagine never having to pay for any spare parts, load cells or labour ever again. Well now you can with our Weighbridge Preventative Maintenance Agreement. For a lot less than you could imagine. Just a small monthly or annual fee covers every detail.

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More Services
We can install or relocate and re-calibrate any weighbridge.
Upgrade your current weighbridge with updated systems or new digital load cells for higher accuracy.
We have the UK's largest weighbridge hire fleet. Complete ready to go systems are available for short and long term hire.

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