Accurate Weighbridges for Recycling & Scrap Metal Industries

weighbridges for recycling and scrap metal industries

Libra has been providing weighbridges for recycling & scrap metal industries for over 30 years and are trusted name throughout these business sectors. Our weighbridges, indicators and software are used extensively in recycling and scrap metal businesses throughout the UK and around the world. Our experience in this sector allows us to implement highly accurate and efficient weighing systems for all your materials handling and processing needs. Our weighbridges are built to last and will provide you with accurate data you need in these rugged environments.

Accurate Weighbridges for High Value Materials Weighing

Having an accurate weighbridge you can rely on is a crucial component to any recycling centre because it ensures you can deliver accurate records of the materials being processed. This is essential in the recycling and scrap metal industries, where materials are bought and sold by weight. Our weighbridges are designed to handle heavy loads and can weigh materials with a high degree of accuracy, ensuring that both buyers and sellers get a fair deal. Libra's weighbridges have been trusted in recycling businesses for over 30 years, offering our customers cost effective solutions that provide an efficient weighing operation that ensures fair payments, compliance, efficiency and inventory management.

Cost-Effective Weighbridge Solutions to Increase Efficiency & Safety

Our weighbridges are designed to handle large volumes of materials quickly and efficiently. reducing the time it takes to process and transport materials. This, in turn, helps to increase productivity and reduce costs. Libra can also integrate traffic management and access control equipment to fully automate your weighbridge operation.

Our weighbridges require minimal maintenance and have a long lifespan, making them a sound investment for  scrap metal businesses. In addition, weighbridges help businesses to eliminate the risk of overloading vehicles, which can result in accidents, costly fines and repairs.

Quality Control & Inventory Management

With Libra's weighbridges and integrated weighing software, businesses can ensure that you are receiving materials of the right quality and keep track of all the materials you have on hand. Easily monitor stock levels accurately with the help of our database management software which will help monitor the flow of materials through you business, and quickly identify areas where improvements can be made.

Legal for Trade Use Weighbridges

Libra manufactures and supplies our weighbridges with all calibration and certification needed for legal for trade use in the UK. Legal for trade certification is needed when your business utilises the weighbridge to buy or sell goods by weight. Libra can provide on going maintenance contracts and calibration services to make sure your weighbridge is always performing up to standard and legal for trade.

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