Finance Leasing Available on Weighbridges & Wheel Washers

At Libra, we understand the significance of making substantial investments in industrial weighing equipment such as weighbridges. To facilitate your business growth and ease your financial burden, we now offer flexible finance solutions on all our products in partnership with Kennet Equipment Leasing. Our aim is to empower you to acquire the equipment you need without compromising your cash flow or budget constraints.

Finance Leasing:

Our Finance Leasing option allows you to obtain the equipment you need while conserving your capital. With this solution, you can lease any of our products over a predetermined period, paying fixed monthly installments. This not only minimizes the initial financial outlay but also offers potential tax benefits and enables you to upgrade your equipment as technology evolves.

Key benefits of Finance Leasing:

  • Preservation of working capital for other business needs.
  • Predictable monthly payments for simplified budgeting.
  • Potential tax advantages and deductions.
  • Remain competitive by keeping your costs low.

Hire Purchase:

Our Hire Purchase option provides you with the opportunity to own our product outright while distributing the cost over an agreed-upon period. This structure allows you to gradually build ownership and equity in the equipment while enjoying the immediate benefits it provides to your operations.

Key benefits of Hire Purchase:

  • Gradual ownership buildup with each installment.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and productivity from day one.
  • Potential tax benefits, including depreciation deductions.
  • Ultimately own the equipment at the end of the term.

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