Weighbridge Upgrades & Conversions

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Lower operating costs with our weighbridge upgrades

Performing weighbridge upgrades on existing weighbridges can help lower operation costs by streamlining your weighing workflow with newer weighbridge technology. We can integrate new processors and automated traffic management equipment into your current weighbridge setup. Implementing weighbridge upgrades can significantly improve accuracy, safety and profitability of your weighbridge.

There are several ways to upgrade and convert a weighbridge to meet the changing needs of your business or to ensure compliance with new regulations. At Libra we regularly undertake jobs of restoring and upgrading old weighbridges to make them look and perform as new again for years to come.

Here is a list of some weighbridge upgrades we commonly perform:

Mechanical to Digital weighbridge Conversion

Digital systems are more accurate than a mechanical weighbridge as it provides digital readings that are less prone to human error. It also reduces the time and effort required for calibration and maintenance. This conversion involves replacing all load cells, wiring and weighbridge indicators.

Automated weighing process

Automating the weighing process can reduce the risk of human error and increase the speed of the weighing process. We can upgrade existing weighbridges to use unmanned kiosks with RFID where all weighing data can be recorded into a database for processing and invoicing.

Traffic Management Systems

Installing traffic management systems can help reduce traffic congestion around the weighbridge, making the process safer and more efficient. We can integrate access control equipment such as traffic lights and rising arm barriers in to your weighbridge.

Remote weight Displays

Remote displays or weight repeaters allow drivers to see the weight of their load while it's being weighed. This increases transparency and helps prevent disputes.

Software Integration

Integrating your weighbridge with other software systems can improve accuracy, profitability, and safety. For example, you can integrate your weighbridge with your inventory management system to track stock levels and prevent stockouts.

Load Cell Upgrades

Load cells are the heart of your weighbridge, upgrading load cells is common for improving accuracy and increasing weighing capacity should the structure allow.

Weighbridge Restoration

Where possible, we can restore an aged out of service weighbridge if it is salvageable. We will remove the deck plating of a steel weighbridge and check and repair the sub structure to ensure safe and accurate weighing for years to come.


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