New Wheelwash for a major quarry near Slough

New Wheelwash for a major quarry near Slough

Recently, Brett Aggregates, required a heavy-duty wheel wash, with Re-cycling for there major quarry at George Green near Slough. The system had to be capable of washing all types of lorries from 8 wheel tippers to Artics fully laden.

The operation of the wheel wash is virtually non-stop with a heavy volume of traffic, with some leaving throughout the night also. The exit road had to be as clean as possible as the highway is a busy route for many vehicles. Safety for other road users was a key factor in the decision to clean the vehicles wheels, chassis and mud guards to a high specification. Ensuring any mud and debris, was thoroughly cleaned off on the Libra wheelwash.

They chose to invest in one of our Libra Spinner Wheelwash Combinations. This unit, not only sprays high velocity water at all the contaminated areas on the vehicle, it also centrifugal spins the driven wheels, on the spinner. This extra cleaning action, releases dangerous objects and debris trapped from between the double wheels, and treads in the tyres. Sending it down into the collection tank, rather than onto the road, or even worse, into a following vehicle on the road. The re-cycling tank then cleans the water with a 3 weir process, ready instantly to clean the next vehicle.


Slough, Untied Kingdom
Spinner Wash Combo Wheel Wash

Spinner Wash Combo Wheel Wash

Heavy Duty units remove stubborn debris from tyres before going through the powerful jet wash. Available surface mounted, or pit mounted for sites where space is in short supply.

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