3rd Portaweigh weighbridge installed for timber client

3rd Portaweigh weighbridge installed for timber client

Libra has delivered a 3rd order of our Portaweigh weighbridge for one of our timber customers in Cornwall, England. With partially built in ramps, this weighbridge is the ultimate in space saving design. This 15 meter weighbridge is anchored on top of three simple concrete foundations, allowing for a level weighing surface with minimal civil works.

Our team arrived on site, assembled and calibrated the weighbridge with in 4 hours, with the weighing indicator and ticket printer housed in a cabin to the side of the weighbridge. Our client uses the Portaweigh to collate and value the timber by weight. Now utilizing three units across the U.K., our client is extremely happy with the Portaweigh's performance and novel space savings.

Cornwall, United Kingdom
Portaweigh Weighbridge

Portaweigh Weighbridge

Where space is limited, the Portaweigh's low profile design and short ramps excel.

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