Belt Weighing Systems

Libra Weighing offers a broad range of belt scales to suit multiple process weighing applications


A belt scale consists of a weigh frame with one or more load cells, a speed pick up and a weigh processor, which integrates the two signals (kg/m and m/s) into a value of kg or tons per hour. The selection of the weigh frame and speed pick up is determined by the requested accuracy, variables like belt speed and inclination of the belt, the structure of the transport belt, and external circumstances like moisture and aggressive environment.

The execution of the weigh electronics is determined by the requested functionality (only measurement of the product quantity or the need to control the dosing of the product) and the way of communication with a PLC/PC (or other). Furthermore, the wish of an approval (MID), Atex classification, the use of test weights and external circumstances can influence the selection of optimal weigh electronics.

Weighing Terminal

We provide an approved weigh processor, which can be used in most applications for dynamic weighers, like Belt scales, Screw weighers, Bulkslide Flowmeters and Impact Flowmeters. It provides a readout of the actual flow in kg per hour (or ton/hour) or the total in kg (ortons) and has three totalizers.

In addition to the basic functions of dynamic weighers, the weighing terminal also has Batch functionality and a PID control function, which can be used to control the capacity in function of a setpoint. Multiple input and output configurations are available with these units.


LBS221DB Double Arm Belt Weigher


LSB143 Conveyor Belt Scales

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