Tough Weighbridges & Wheel Washers Mining for the Industry


Heavy Duty static and portable weighing systems built for quarrying and mining industries.

We provide heavy-duty weighbridges, built to run constantly in the most demanding environments. Accurate weighing data is crucial in the quarrying and mining industries to track revenue and the efficiency of your operation. Libra supply permanent, semi-permanent and portable weighbridge solutions to quarries and mines throughout the U.K. and worldwide.

Managing Profits and Costs with a Weighbridge

Libra's weighbridges are essential for quarrying and mining operations as the weight of a vehicle is critical in determining how much material is being transported. This information is crucial as it allows you to calculate the amount of material you are producing and selling. Accurate weighing is also vital for safety reasons, overloaded vehicles can cause damage to infrastructure as well as the vehicles themselves. Weighbridges ensure that your vehicles are not overloaded and that they comply with legal requirements.

By ensuring that vehicles are not overloaded, mining operations can avoid costly fines for breaching legal weight limits. Overloaded vehicles can also cause damage to roads, bridges, and other infrastructure, which can result in expensive repairs. Keeping within a weight limit will also help you manage fuel consumption which is a large overhead in any mining operation. Weighbridges help quarrying and mining operations manage and avoid mounting costs and ensure that their vehicles are safe, efficient and compliant with legal requirements.

Wheel Washers for Mining Operations

Wheel washers are also essential for mining operations as vehicles carry dirt, rocks, and other debris on their wheels and undercarriage, which in turn ends up being deposited on public infrastructure.  Libra's wheel washers help to prevent this by cleaning the wheels and undercarriage of vehicles, removing dirt, rocks and mud before they leave the site and enter public roads.

Cleaning your vehicles with wheel washers also saves money for mining operations:

  • Avoid fines from depositing dirt on public roads which is a safety hazard to other motorists.
  • Ensure your vehicles are running efficiently and safely without the extra weight or hazards debris can cause.
  • Lower vehicle maintenance costs by keeping them clean and avoiding adverse effects debris can cause to your vehicles.
  • Increase weighing accuracy, a large build up of debris can effect the tare weight of your vehicle.

Helping to Reduce your Environmental Impact

The use of weighbridges and wheel washers also promotes sustainability in mining operations. Mining companies are under increasing pressure to reduce their environmental impact, and the use of weighbridges and wheel washers can help achieve this goal. Accurate weighing ensures that mining companies do not overproduce materials, which can reduce waste and prevent unnecessary environmental damage. Cleaning the wheels of vehicles before they leave the site also helps to reduce the amount of dirt and debris that is transported outside of the mining site, which can reduce pollution and help protect the environment.

The importance of high quality, dependable weighbridges and wheel washers in mining operations cannot be overstated. Weighbridges help to ensure accurate weighing of vehicles, legal compliance, and safety on the roads. They also help to save money by avoiding overload fines and preventing damage to local infrastructure. Wheel washers help in the same ways and minimize environmental damage. The use of weighbridges and wheel washers is crucial for the success of any quarry or mining operations, and their importance will continue to grow as these industries face increasing pressure to reduce its environmental impact.



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