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UK Council approved Wheel Cleaners

Our Portable Rumble Decks offer budget, unmanned wheel cleaning solutions that remove heavy build up of dirt before entering public roads. No power or water required, these units can be installed anywhere.

World Class Weighbridges

16m Surface Mount Double Life Weighbridge render
16m Surface Mount Double Life Weighbridge

At Libra Weighing Machines we offer our weighbridges & wheel washers for hire, sale and lease purchase throughout the UK and worldwide.

Our weighbridges can be manufactured as pit-mounted weighbridges or as surface mounted weighbridges and can also be built to meet any standards, certified for use in ATEX environments, SOLAS compliant and more. We supply complete weighbridge solutions with software and ticket printers and numerous options such as traffic control and driver operated weighbridge systems. 

Designed and manufactured in Sheffield, UK by industry specialist engineers and installed around the world, Libra weighbridges are built to withstand the harshest conditions on the planet.

The flagship of Libra’s manufacturing is the Libra Double Life Weighbridge with over 2,000 units deployed around the world. The advanced design and superior construction of our weighbridges have proven popular with clients across many industries such as waste re-cycling and landfill, mining, logistics, construction and agriculture. Now over 30 years since our first weighbridge debut, the designs have gone through many tweaks and upgrades in materials, circuitry and its production process. Today, weighbridges are better than ever with the latest load cell technology delivering high accuracy, stronger construction and the highest capacities on the market. We have confidence in our products and pass that on to our customers Find out more about our weighbridges here.

All our weighbridges can be tailor made to suit any application in operation across all types of industries, including: waste transfer, biomass, landfill, quarrying, chemicals, food and beverage plus many others. We have full turnkey solutions for all your weighing & wheel washing needs, wherever you maybe.

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Latest News

Custom Wheel Wash Bay Installed at Calor Gas

We recently installed a Custom Wheel Wash Bath for Calor Gas in East Kirby, UK. This state-of-the-art system ensures efficient and thorough cleaning of vehicle wheels, promoting safety, compliance, and environmental responsibility.

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