Drive Through Bath Ready for New Housing Estate Project

Drive Through Bath Ready for New Housing Estate

New 10m Drive Through Bath ready for delivery to a new Bloor Homes housing estate project near Portsmouth. Libra's drive through bath will help ensure the public roads surrounding the development remain safe and clean from debris as all vehicles leaving the construction site will pass through our drive through bath wheel wash.

Our Drive Through Baths are ideal for new construction projects as they require no power and can be placed on any level hard standing with no foundations required. Libra's Drive Through Bath's meet and exceed UK council regulations and are easily transported and quickly installed with a HIAB vehicle.

Libra manufactures and supplies an array of wheel washers for hire and sales across the UK. Contact us today to discuss your wheel washing requirements.


Near Portsmouth, UK
drive through bath wheel wash by libra
No Power Required

Eurowash Drive Through Bath

Our Drive Through Bath requires no power, just add water. Vehicles simply drive through the bath, which cleans the tyres, wheels and chassis.

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