Wheel Washers

Heavy Duty Industrial Wheel Washers

Providing cleaner and safer roads has always been the main priority for any wheel-wash system. To accomplish this, the wheel-wash itself has to be as efficient and as clean as possible, with full self cleaning ability and water recycling. Our environmentally friendly systems are designed and manufactured by highly skilled engineers and fabricators using the highest quality components, ensuring uninterrupted operation and longevity of our products.

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render of rumble deck dry wheel wash by libra
No Water Required

Eurowash Dry Rumble Deck

Dry rumble grids shake off dirt from the tyres and chassis whilst driving over. Simple design with easy maintenance. Council Approved.

libra compact rumble bath wheel wash
No Power Required

Eurowash Compact Rumble Bath

Our Compact Rumble Bath pairs our Rumble Decks with our compact bath offer even deeper cleaning. No power required, these units can be installed anywhere with minimal maintenance. 

eurowash advanced wheel wash with cone tanks render

Eurowash Advanced Plus Wheel Wash

Like the Eurowash Advanced but with more economical and easy clean water recycling tanks with a capacity of 30,000 litres.

drive through bath wheel wash by libra
No Power Required

Eurowash Drive Through Bath

Our Drive Through Bath requires no power, just add water. Vehicles simply drive through the bath, which cleans the tyres, wheels and chassis.


Eurowash Automatic Wheel Wash

Fully automated and self sufficient wheel washing system ideal for demolition, quarrying and construction sites where heavy mud and debris are common.


Eurowash Advanced Wheel Wash

Excellent washing and recycling unit. 6 weir water recycling removes dirt and debris. Fully automated system with start/stop sensors & water top up.


Eurowash Compact Wheel Wash

Fully portable small footprint unit. Auto Start/Stop sensors. Complete with Rumble Grid Ramps. Surface or flush mounted. Modular design.

No Power Required

Euro Wheel Spinner

Removes heavy and dangerous debris on site, before using the public highway. Self powered with air brakes applied from the cab. No need for driver to step out.


Spinner Wash Combo Wheel Wash

Heavy Duty units remove stubborn debris from tyres before going through the powerful jet wash. Available surface mounted, or pit mounted for sites where space is in short supply.

libra portable wash bay product render

EURO Portable Wash Bay Lite

Portable containment wash bay catches all oil and debris, filtering the water through our 3 weir water recycling system. Complete with sump pump and high pressure hose.

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