TW7 CMS Railcar Weigher

Mobile Corner Force Measuring System for Railcars

Portable, Easy Setup
High Accuracy Weighing
Modular System
Fits all types of Railcars
Single Cell Capacity
Max. Rail Car Body Weight
Weighing Divisions
Protection Class
Operational Temperature Range
-40~+55 °C
Power Supply
12V DC,230V/50Hz AC


TW7 CMS is a mobile corner force measuring system for the quality assurance of rolling stock, which measures vehicle bodies according to the four points method on a straightening stand. It records the four points forces and height tolerance, calculates the nominal forces via the position of the vehicle’s center of gravity, in order to provide the torsion free position of rail vehicles by adjusting the thickness of the shims, and permanently maintain the vehicle on the torsion free position.

TW7 CMS is very flexible and high-precision, which can be used in the rail car manufacturing shop, final assembly, retrofitting, repairs and the condition analysis of accident vehicles. An operating software is available for process control, evaluation and archiving, which help to adjust the torsion free position automatically. All relevant data and measurement results are stored in a database.


  • Designed for production, maintenance and repair of rail vehicles without bogie.
  • Check corner force measurement, center of gravity in torsion free position.
  • All types of rail car suitable
  • Easily movable by hand under the lifted finished car body.

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