TW1-AX Mobile Train Weigher

Static & Dynamic Portable Train Weigher

TW1-AX Mobile Train Weigher
No Track Downtime
No Costly Civil Works
Pre-Calibrated, Ready to Operate
Portable, Quick & Easy Installation
Precision Digital load Cells
15t/wheel, 30t/axle
Weighing Divisions
0.1% F·S for static weighing; 1~3% for dynamic weighing
Protection Class
Supply Voltage
12V DC,230V/50Hz AC

TW1-AX is a portable and flexible train weighing system. It allows the weighing of individual wheels, axles, wagons and trains, and can be used with almost all commonly used rail profiles and track gauges.

This portable train weighing scale is a digital load cell-based system which fits to the inner sides of rail. When the wheel flange rolls up the ramp, the wheel’s tyre is slightly raised raised, so the wheel-rail contact force is tested on the wheel flange. This means that faults related to the running surface are ruled out from the outset, such as faulty grip due to conical wheels and effects caused by the linear expansion of the rail. This is beneficial for trains that undergo pre and post modifications at locomotive workshops and train maintenance depots. All parts including the load cells are accessible from ground level for easy access for maintenance.

Static and Dynamic Weighing

The TW1-AX mobile train weighers can be daisy chained together to weigh whole train wagons or a single TW1 unit can be used to weigh single axles or full trains in a low speed weigh in motion configuration.  The portable nature of the TW1's design allows for a weigh station to be set up temporarily anywhere on a train network quickly with no infrastructure changes needed.




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TW1-AX Mobile Train Weigher
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