INFORCE WIM – Weigh in Motion Train Weighing

High Speed WIM Train Weighing up to 80 km/h

libra inforce wim train weighing logo
Customized to Fit any Rail Profile
No Track Cutting or Welding Required
100t per wagon
Weighing Divisions
Protection Class
Operating Temperature
-40~+55 °C
Power Supply
12V DC,30V/50Hz AC


The TW6 WIM-Weigh In Motion System can provide the wagon weight in real time, which is capable of train weighing up to 80km/h. It is ideal solution for mine, industrial plants, cement plant, power stations, steel mills etc.

Due to continuous rail structure , no rail cutting, welding required, when the vehicles pass without any impact, greatly improve the weighing speed and accuracy. And when don’t need to measure, the speed is not limited.


  • Safe and reliable operation
  • High stiffness and stability
  • Load cell based system
  • Concrete foundation or civil works necessary or not dependent on site conditions.
  • Available for weight data storage, printout and access by internet.

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