TW5 Modular Train Wagon Weighbridge

Accurately Weigh Multiple Train Wagon Types

Built to fit and track gauge & rail profile
Weighing Platform Length
13m+4.5m (customized as required)
Weighing Divisions
Standard scale 20kg, Combination scale 50kg
Operating Temperature Range
-40~+55 °C


TW5 is a modular, high performance weighing system designed and manufactured with advanced technology according to the mixing of long and short wagons in refining, petroleum and grain industries etc.

The standard scale platform and short scale platform are installed on the same concrete foundation, and the weighing rails are connected with rail device, which can ensure the accuracy of measurement in long-term use. The application of double-platform not only reduces the equipment investment, reduces the occupation of the line, and also expands the scope of use, and make management more convenient.

The system is mainly used for trade settlement of LPG tank truck freight, fixed value loading weighing, goods in and out weighing, technological process batching weighing, suitable for petrochemical, railway, port, metallurgy and other industries of conventional railway vehicles and over long vehicle cargo weighing.


  • High accuracy, long time durability
  • A standard platform and a short platform combination, one scale dual use function
  • One indicator can be used for the static weighing for both standard vehicles and long vehicles.
  • I-beam deck, modular structure, high strength and easy to installation and maintenance
  • Deep pit and shallow pit, two kinds of foundation optional

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