TW4 Train Wagon Weighbridge

Quickly Capture Individual Train Wagon Goods Weights

Available for any Rail Type & Track Gauge
100t / 150t
Weighing Platform lengths
13m /13.5m /14m /14.5m /17.5m etc.
Weighing Divisions
Operating Temperature Range
-40~+55 °C


TW4 railroad weighing system is a modular I-beam deck scale for static, pit type weighing application of the whole train. The scale is mainly used in railway transportation departments, large mining enterprises (such as steel mills, copper mines, power plant, refining, petroleum etc.), harbor wharf, coal industry, large grain depot etc., for measuring and trade settlement on shipping goods such as coal, refined oil, ore, building materials, grain and other bulk goods.


  • Reliable design, high strength weighbridge
  • Modular combination
  • Economically shipped anywhere
  • Corrosion resistant components
  • Intelligent pre-diagnosis
  • Lightning prevention and cheating prevention
  • Less working downtime, long service life

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