Composite Pit-Mount Weighbridge installed at Waldersey Farms

New Pit Mounted Weighbridge Installed at Waldersey Farms

New 15m x 3m composite pit-mount weighbridge installed at Waldersey Farms in Norfolk where they produce some of the finest wheat, potatoes and onions.

A farm that produces enough potatoes each year to make 30 million portions of chips and enough wheat to make 50 million loaves of bread needs a reliable weighbridge, our Double Life weighbridge met their expectations.

Utilising weighbridges at farms allows for accurate measurement of the weight of harvested crops. This information is essential for pricing and inventory management, as it helps to determine the amount of crops that are being harvested and the cost associated with harvesting them. Accurate weight measurement is especially important for high-value crops such as fruits and vegetables, where even small differences in weight can result in significant price fluctuations.


Norfolk, UK
16m doublelife weighbridge product render
Surface or Pit Mount

Double Life Weighbridge

Composite Decks offer minimum 50 year life span and cost savings over full steel structures.

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