Benefits of Composite Concrete Weighbridges

New Pit Mounted Weighbridge Installed at Waldersey Farms

There are several benefits of using a composite concrete weighbridge over a traditional steel weighbridge design though both have their best use scenarios.


Composite weighbridges are more durable than steel weighbridges as they are able to withstand heavy loads and are less prone to damage from weathering and corrosion, giving them a longer lifespan.

Lower maintenance

Composite concrete weighbridges require less maintenance than steel weighbridges, as they do not rust or corrode.


The steel weighbridge frames can be pre-fabricated and transported locally or globally at lower cost and have the composite decks poured on-site, reducing costs. Composite weighbridges are more cost-effective in the long run as they have lower maintenance costs and a longer lifespan due to the composite being erosion resistant and not requiring any special painting or coating. .


Composite weighbridges can be considered safer than steel weighbridges as they naturally have a non-slip surface and do not have any protruding sharp edges or corners as with traditional deck designs.


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