18 metre Weighbridge installed at Electronics Recycling Facility in Scotland

18m doublelife weighbridge install at wee recycling

New 18 metre weighbridge installed at Weee Recycling in Scotland to weigh waste and recycling materials. Weee is an electronics recycling company so accurate weighing of materials is critical to their recycling operation.

Electronic waste, commonly known as e-waste, is a rapidly growing problem across the world, Weee Recycling is helping to tackle this problem at their recycling facility in Scotland.

A reliable and accurate weighbridge is an essential tool in the electronics recycling, where large quantities of electronic waste are received and processed. A weighbridge ensures that the weight of the incoming e-waste is accurately measured, which is essential for calculating the costs involved in recycling the waste.

16m doublelife weighbridge product render
Surface or Pit Mount

Double Life Weighbridge

Composite Decks offer minimum 50 year life span and cost savings over full steel structures.

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