BIO-SAFE Compact Vehicle Disinfectant Wash

BIO-SAFE Compact Vehicle Disinfectant Wash
No Foundations Required
Quick Installation
Portable Structure
Base Unit Dimensions
3650mm W x 1100mm L (2300mm L with ramps)
Max. Vehicle Width
3000mm W (Custom width on request)
Max. Axle Weight
Wash Pump
3.4 Bar
240V Mains / Generator

Drive Through Vehicle Disinfecting Systems

For DEFRA Approved Products. Fully Portable. Fully Automated.

Our BIO-SAFE Compact Disinfectant wash systems are fully portable and fully automatic. Staggered high pressure nozzles provide thorough disinfecting of the vehicle. The low-profile compact unit features Durbar antiskid plated entry and exit ramps with auto wash cycle start and stop vehicle sensors, a flow forge grid with wastewater channels with dual drainage pipes. The pump system and storage tank can be driven with 240V mains power or by generator. The BIO-SAFE system comes complete with an automatic dosing system and works on all road going vehicles, operating with low volume water usage. The system is maintenance free when good housekeeping is implemented and can be installed on any level hard standing, no costly civil works required.

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BIO-SAFE Compact Vehicle Disinfectant Wash
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