Eurowash Compact Rumble Bath

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No Foundations Required
Quick Installation
Heavy Duty Rumble Grids
Cost Effective
No Power Required
libra compact rumble bath wheel wash

Low Cost Industrial Wheel Cleaning Bath

Council Approved for wheel Cleaning.

Our Rumble grids are an effective solution for removing mud and dirt from vehicle wheels. The special grid with variable settings, flexes open the tyre tread. This allows debris to fall out before the vehicle enters the public highway. Our Dry Rumble Decks paired with our compact bath offer even deeper cleaning. No power required, these units can be installed anywhere with minimal maintenance.

Optional Spray Bars

Our Compact Rumble Bath is also available configured with spray bars on each side, giving the sides of the wheels an extra hose down as they pass through the bath.

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libra compact rumble bath wheel wash
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render of rumble deck dry wheel wash by libra
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drive through bath wheel wash by libra
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