LVC 3T Crane Scales

3000 kg Industrial Hanging Scales

Cost Effective Solution
Battery Powered
Heavy Duty Aluminum Structure
3 tonnes / 3000 kg
Max. Safe Load
120% F.S.
3x AA

TheLVC 3T  portable crane scale features electronic weighing options with an LCD display that is highly visible and offers flexible, adaptive, and accurate measurements. The crane scale is made of high-quality aluminum for high stability. It is suitable for weighing a load while it is typically lifted by a crane, hoist or winch with large load capacity.

This digital crane scale comes with two thickened shackles for weighing of heavy items. It is easy to install and offers sturdy and durable attributes.

These hanging scales are widely used in industrial areas and supermarkets, including factories, recycling /scrap metal yards, heavy-duty industrial plants, workshops, agricultural markets, etc.

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