Weighbridge Services

Weighbridge Services for all your Vehicle Weighing Needs.

We repair, service, upgrade and calibrate all makes and models of weighbridges.

We have technicians around the UK with mobile workshops that can inspect, advise, and carry out repairs on site. All our on-site Inspections are free of charge, after our technicians have inspected your weighbridge we will offer you a quotation with a full Guarantee. You could save thousands of pounds, why not ask us how?

We can carry out all works on-site, from electronic repairs and installations to structural and civil work repairs. Full calibrations with our Test unit and certified weights with Trading Standards Approval are available.

No Obligation FREE Weighbridge Inspection & Analysis

Economical weighbridge service, repairs, upgrades and conversions to all types of weighbridges.

If you have problems with your existing weighbridge or are thinking it’s time for a new weighbridge, get it touch with us. Many weighbridge problems can be solved easily and much more economically than buying a new one.

We have upgraded many weighbridges that are still operating safely and accurately over 10 years after the customers were advised to scrap them by others.

Weight Indicators, Load Cells and all Parts

We use the industry’s highest quality and most reliable parts, including systems from Siemens and Systec, all fully approved by Trading Standards. We can work on any manufacturer’s weighbridges. Parts used in our weighbridges, for over 25 Years, are freely available to any other weighbridge company or end user customer at very competitive prices. You are not held to ransom and asked for over inflated prices as happens with some suppliers.

Preventative Maintenance Contracts

Keep Your Weighbridges Operating Hassle Free, Everyday of the Year.

Imagine never having to pay for any spare parts, loadcells or labour ever again. Well now you can with our Weighbridge Preventative Maintenance Agreement. For a lot less than you could imagine. Just a small monthly or annual fee covers every detail.

At Libra, we offer professional weighbridge restoration services to ensure...
Weighbridge foundations for both pit-mounted and surface-mounted weighbridges, regardless of...
We have specialists ready to offer Weighbridge Installation & Calibration...
Weighbridge upgrades can help you significantly improve accuracy, safety and...
We offer Weighbridge Maintenance & Repairs for any weighbridge from...
We have the UK's largest weighbridge hire fleet. Complete ready...

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The ultimate aim for Libra is complete customer satisfaction, be it supply of one of the best weigh bridges available, to after sales service and on-going support. We aim to full fill all our obligations and more. Our helpful team is always available, 24/7, with instant response to assist.

We have an extensive network of highly skilled technicians ready to carry out all of our works throughout the UK, Europe and Internationally. We look forward to being of assistance, contact us anytime.