Eurowash Automatic Wheel Wash

Eurowash Automatic Wheel Wash
No Foundations Required
Quick Installation
Standar Size
Wash Area: 6m x 3.5m / Ramps: 4m
Water Recycling Unit
4m x 3m
Water Supply
22mm MDPE mains or bowser.
22kw main pump and 6kw re-cycling pump
Eurowash Automatic Wheel Wash

Autonomous Wheel Washing Systems

The EUROWASH wheel wash is a fully automated system with water recycling. The EUROWASH provides thorough cleaning of the vehicle’s wheels, sides and undercarriage delivered by an array of powerful jet spray nozzles. All the water is collected and filtered back through the system with all heavy sediment and debris separated in a collection area.

EUROWASH systems are ideal for a range of industries where heavy mud and debris are common such as construction, demolition, quarries and landfills. Our wheel wash systems can be installed directly on to a level hard standing with no excavation works required. Installation is quick with all components lifted into place and connected with quick release Bauer couplers.

Our EURWASH systems feature removable rumble deck grid sections to help loosen compacted dirt between the tyre treads as the vehicle passes through the wash. Our 6m units allow for 2 full tyre rotations applying a thorough cleaning. All our units are fabricated from high quality British steel, built to withstand the rugged environments which they serve.

Standard Size: Wash Area: 6m x 3.5m / Ramps: 4m / Water Recycling Unit: 4m x 3m


Main Benefits:

  • No excavations required; surface mounted.
  • Totally Automated no driver intervention required.
  • Easy clean double-debris collection tanks.
  • Installs in 2 Hours.
  • Multi way sloping under tray self-cleaning.
  • Water system closed loop design.
  • Grid system accepts up to 15 tonne axles.
  • Low level access on and off.

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Eurowash Automatic Wheel Wash
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