Eurowash Advanced Wheel Wash

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Quick Installation
No excavations required
No driver intervention required
Closed Loop Water Recycling System
Standard Size
Wash Area: 6m x 3.5m / Ramps: 4m
Water Recycling Unit
14m x 2.6m
Water Supply
22mm MDPE mains or bowser
Water Capacity
68,000 litres
22kw main pump and 6kw re-cycling pump
eurowash advanced wheel wash product render

Automated High Capacity Wheel Washing System

Surface Mounted Units. No Foundations Required.

Libra's EUROWASH Advanced Series heavy duty wheel washers operate automatically with no operator required and offer large capacity water recycling up to 68,000 litres. The EUROWASH Advanced can be installed on any level hard standing suitable for taking the load of the system and a loaded lorry.


Thorough Cleaning

Our angled rumble grid decks and entry and exit ramps loosen compacted dirt between wheels and in the tire treads as 130 built in sprays provide high pressure full side, wheel and under carriage cleaning. The 6m wash deck covers over 2 full tire rotations, giving you a thorough clean.


High Capacity Water Recycling

Two 3 weir settlement tanks ensure the wheel wash is always ready to perform a wash cycle with clean, filtered water readily available. A secure pump house attached to the end of the water recycling tanks houses the control panel and the 22kw variable speed inverter driven pump with storage space for anything that needs to be locked away.

Optional ADVANCED Plus Cone Tank Recycling System

The ADVANCED PLUS utilizes 7 settlement sections and 9 filtration systems to remove dirt particles in the Recycled water with a capacity of over 30,000 litres. 100% rust proof tanks. The 45 degree walls allow full, fast efficient drainage of sludge.

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