Euro Wheel Spinner

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3430 L x 3650 W x 560 H

Centrifugal Truck Wheel Cleaning Solutions

The only cleaner that can remove clay, mud and stones from between the rear driven wheels.

Simply driving over a grid and spraying water, is not effective enough and often leaves heavy mud, clay and stones dangerously between the twin rear wheels. The centrifugal force when spinning the wheels, ensures this debris passes down into the catch pit, and not onto the road or even onto a following vehicle. Cleaning and Safety of vehicles leaving YOUR site are the highest priority.

Features and Benefits:

Stand alone Unit. Electric and water not required. No power use in operation.

Quick and Easy to Install. No complex foundations, can be a simple pit, surface mounted or a concrete pit.

Optional Rumble grid ramps available if required to access onto and off a surface mounted installation.

Extremely Heavy-Duty build. The machine can be used 24/7 every day of the week. Vehicles can drive up to 30 mph, without any effect to the unit.

Heavy Duty air brake system. Using high quality self charging Iveco brake systems.

Heavy Duty Rollers using 320 mm Diameter tubes, with welded ribs on the rollers for opening the treads during spinning.

Heavy Duty bearings. Virtually maintenance free, just requires lube 1 time per week, for normal use.

Easy Driver Use

It really couldn’t be more simple. The vehicle drives the rear wheels onto the Typhoons 4 rollers. Releases the air brake, with the handle at the driver cab window. Then accelerates up to around 25mph for 40 seconds. The mud and stones will be forced down into the collection pit beneath. At the same time the rollers will re-charge the brake system, with the built-in air tank. The driver then, applies the brake, and leaves. The Typhoon is ready for the next vehicle. The importance of thorough cleaning of vehicle wheels before leaving YOUR site, see below:

Road debris From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study revealed that vehicle-related road debris caused 25,000 accidents and nearly 100 deaths a year.

Spray Jet Option

The Spray Jet requires no mains power or water supply. Once the vehicle is in position the driver engages the system through a handbrake without leaving the vehicle. A speed of 20mph is recommended to generate optimal water pressure for a thorough clean, once done the driver simply re applies the handbrake and drives off the unit. All solids fall through to the holding tank beneath the rollers and filtered water is recycled back through the pump. This unit requires minimal maintenance, just the cleaning of the tank and greasing of the rollers bearings depending on the amount of usage.

Dual Axle Spinner Specifications:

Diameter of Roller: 320 mm. With a 10mm gauge steel, and full width of the unit.

Double steel reinforcing discs, built into the rollers under the wheel loading areas, for extra strength.

4 Heavy Duty Iveco brakes on all rollers. Air over hydraulic.

Brake disk size: 280mm Diameter.

8 Extra Heavy Duty SKF taper lock Bearings, mounted into cast housing units, built to withstand all environments and conditions.

Also available with steel collection tank, all built in. No civil works required.

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