EURO Portable Wash Bay Lite

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No Foundations Required
Quick Installation
Portable Structure
Low Profile Easy Access Design
Bespoke Sizes Available
Standard Size L x W x H
6m x 4m x 2.4m

Portable Containment Wash Bay for Heavy Duty Equipment

Self-contained portable wash bays available in standard sizes, or custom built to your exact specifications. The unit consits of  PVC screens and wash mat lagoon with steel ramps and rubber non-slip matting for safely working inside the bay. The Units can be configured as drive-through or with screens on three sides. Waste water is collected on the PVC wash mat and our automatic pump removes the water to a holding tank for recycling or waste.

A 3-weir recycling and header tank are also available with the unit. This option saves on fresh water usage. Oil is automatically separated out of the water by the water recycled from below the floating oil. Solids and dirt are also filtered out and collected for easy removal when required. The system prevents waste and water entering the sewage system.

Our wash bay systems are modular and the build allows for easy assembly and transport.

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