L3590ET Weighbridge Indicator

Touch Screen Indicator Designed for Weighbridges

CE-M Approved
Fully Configurable
Custom Print Outs

Digital weight indicator with touch screen display, suitable for advanced industrial applications. The Indicator allows the visualization of all weighing data as well as customizable screens, simplifying the user operations. The L3590ET’s are fitted with 3 serial ports, transmission protocols for data communication, completely configurable printouts, integrated alibi memory, and port for connection to barcode/badge reader.
CE-M approvable (OIML R-76 / EN 45501).

L3590 Pivot Mount Indicator
Stainless Steel version with pivot mounting bracket, ideal for food processing environments.
l3590 weight indicator atex version product photo
L3590 Stainless Indicator
Stainless steel bench top version with dedicated keypad. Approved for use in ATEX environments.
portable l3590 weight indicator product photo
L3590 Portable Indicator
Complete portable weighing solution with easy connectivity and built in ticket printer.

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