TW8 Railcar Door Force Measurement

Door Closing Force Measurement System for Passenger Railcar Safety

Portable Hand Held Device
Colour Touch Screen Device
Relative Humidity
< 95% (no condensation)
Supply voltage
12V DC, 230V/50Hz AC


TW8 Railcar Door Force Measurement (DFM) system is an excellent tool for measuring and evaluating the side door closing force of passenger car body on rail vehicles such as light rail/tram, metro, suburban, trunk rail and high speed rail. It conforms to the test requirements of the door clamping force of the relevant industry regulations. Through resistance strain type force sensor, electric door force gets display and measurement, to meet the highest measurement accuracy and operating standards. The weighing cell housing is made of high-strength aluminum alloy with a black anodized surface, which is light, resistant to environmental factors and has maximum impact resistance. The interior of load cell is built with high-quality, durable controls, 500% overload capacity and impact resistance.


  • High measuring accuracy, with an error of less than 0.2% in the measuring range of 50 to 300N
  • Portable design, dynamic measurement, carried out quickly and easily
  • Drastically reduce the measurement process and the effort required for documentation
  • Color touch screen display operation, simple and intuitive, easy to master

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