TW3 Train Balancing System

Accurately Measure Individual Wheel Loads for Train Balancing

TW3 Train Balancing System
Capacity (each wheel)
10t / 15t / 20t
Scale Platform Array
2 /4 /8 /10 /12 /14
Operating Temperature
-40~+55 °C


TW3 fixed weighing system is a special train weighing system designed for the safe operation of rail transit vehicles. It is mainly used for wheel load weighing and full train weighing of all kinds of locomotives and vehicles which are newly manufactured, operated and repaired, providing reference for the debugging of vehicle balance system.

It is applied to locomotive, vehicle factory, railway rolling stock and large power locomotive maintenance base, high-speed car maintenance and urban rail scale crossing manufacturing and maintenance base.


  • Innovative weighing platform structure, easy to install
  • Real-time monitoring of running status, failure alarm, more convenient maintenance
  • Suitable for standard gauge or variable gauge
  • Static weighing of each wheel weight
  • Axle load, bogie weight, vehicle weight calculation and display
  • Wheel weight difference, axle weight difference, bogie deviation calculation and display
  • Report statistics, data query and printout available

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TW3 Train Balancing System
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