TW2 Mobile Train Weigher

No Track Downtime
No Costly Civil Works Required
Portable Units with Quick Setup
Excellent Accuracy
15t/wheel, 30t/axle
1% F·S for static weighing
Protection Class
Operating Temperature Range
-40~+55 °C
Power Supply
12V DC,230V/50Hz AC


TW2 is a high performance train weighing system, quick and easy to operate, capable of performing measurements with huge precision and accuracy. As we know, the right distribution of the forces on each wheel is a key-factor to ensure the dynamic stability of any rolling stock, and avoid abnormal wear in wheel/rail interaction, and to detect potential unbalancing issue, so TW2 is not only a weighing equipment, but also a safety equipment using in railway industry.


  • No track downtime during installation
  • No costly civil works required
  • No test train required for calibration
  • Portable, quick and easy to install
    ( around 15 minutes).
  • Excellent accuracy and flexibility


  • Reducing derailments risk by calculating the distribution of wheel-rail contact forces
  • Predictive maintenance, adjusting and equalizing the wheel-rail contact forces to ensure the rolling stock’s balance.
  • Verifying the distribution after installation of new equipment on the rolling stocks
  • Workshop or on-site maintenance
  • Available for all standard gauges, no matter narrow or wide
  • Can be quickly adapted to different installation locations, as well as axle and bogie centre distances.
  • Modular, can be expanded as required

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