LTMB 3T Weigh Beams

Industrial Weigh Beam Pallet Scales

Portable System
Battery Powered
Weigh Bulky Awkward Shapes
OIML Certified
3 tonnes / 3000 kg
Beam Size (each) L x W x H
1200mm x 120mm x 60mm (80mm with rubber feet)
Powder Coated Steel
30 kg

When you're weighing really big and awkward things, half the battle is finding scales that can handle the weight, whilst the other is finding scales that can handle the shape. That's why these industrial weighing beam scales from T-Mech are the perfect combination of versatile and strong.

With a massive weight capacity of 3000kg, these industrial beam scales can handle even the heaviest of items and are suitable for weighing pallets, postal items, machinery, auto parts and just about anything else. Because the beams can be placed wherever you need them in relation to each other and the item being weighed, even really long or awkwardly-shaped items that wouldn't fit on a platform scale or pallet scale can be weighed really easily.

The industrial scales have precise graduations of just 0.5kg, so they're also suitable for weighing smaller items if you need to.

The sturdy steel structure of the scales protects them from the inevitable bumps and knocks that will be part of their life in your busy and demanding, high capacity work environment but you can be sure that they're great quality and are designed to last.

Industrial beam weigh scales are manufactured using quality parts which include 4 load cells; 2 per beam, steel casing, rubber non slip feet and the clear digital display.


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