Boot Wash Station

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Portable Structure
Heavy-Duty Lifting Rings & Fork Pockets
Removable easy clean foot deck grate
High Quality Steel structure & fittings
Optional Disinfection applicator
1-Bay Dimensions
600 x 600 x 1140mm
3-Bay Dimensions
1200 x 400 x 12000mm
5-Bay Dimensions
2660 x 600 x 1140mm
6-Bay Dimensions
3000 x 600 x 1140mm
Boot & Paw Dimensions
3000 x 600 x 1140mm
1-Bay: 120kg/ 3-Bay: 200kg / 5-Bay: 300kg
Tray Depth
Waste Outlet

Single, 3,5 & 6-Bay Boot Wash Troughs

Libra’s portable boot wash station is a heavy-duty unit suitable for cleaning light or heavily soiled boots with its hose brush system. The units feature anti-slip-steel foot platform grids with reinforced rubber hoses with brush nozzles. The boot-wash units are available as single bay units, up to five bay models with optional disinfectant applicator available. Our boot washes simply connect to existing water mains or can be supplied with pumps and storage tanks for remote sites. Bespoke designs are available on request.

Keep your Work Sites Clean & Safe with a Boot Wash Station

Constructed from steel and designed for heavy-duty use, our boot wash stations are built to last. The boot wash features multiple bays with hose brush attachments with a easy-step low profile washing platform for your boots to effectively remove dirt, mud, and other contaminants.

Our boot wash stations are an essential tool for any job site where hygiene and safety are a top priority. It's easy to use, maintain, and its compact size makes it easy to move from one location to another via forklift.

Our boot wash stations are popular across multiple industries, such as construction, mining and farming. The low cost and easy setup of a boot wash makes them an ideal solution for cleaner, safer work sites and public spaces.


Custom Boot Washing Stations

We can build custom boot washes and wash bay solutions to suit your needs

The custom boot wash units below were made for a hotel chain that has properties in beautiful picturesque settings around the U.K. They required boot washes to keep their interiors clean as it can get very muddy. These units included rubber matting and warm water to gently wash off a dogs paws. The final designs they chose included a bike washing station.

Custom 4 Bay Boot & Paw Wash
Custom 4 Bay Boot & Paw Wash

Custom Bike & Boot & Paw Wash Station
Custom Bike & Boot & Paw Wash Stations ready for delivery

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