Weighbridge Fraud Prevention


Libra Weighbridge Fraud Detection

Every year millions of pounds of revenue in the UK alone are fraudulently lost by customers and the tax payers in the waste and re-cycling business.

Weighbridges are key targets for fraudulent transactions, make sure yours isn’t one of them. Since weighing was invented, people have tried to cheat the system either by under weighing or over weighing, depending on if they are buying or selling. Methods vary however even now the principle is the same scenario.

Here are a few common examples:

Driver Intervention

  • Not placing all wheels on the weighbridge when weighing, this will give a negative weight and can be literally Tonnes per transaction, which can convert into hundreds of pounds Lost by you.
  • Weighing goods in with an additional hidden water tank then letting the water go as they travel to tip. You have just paid for X amount of water, on top of the product price.
  • Driver and or passengers alighting cab, to their advantage either on weighing in or weighing out.
  • Driver using a different trailer with a weight difference to his advantage, when he is pre-set up on the Tare weight system. Assuming he only weighs when full on Gross weighing.

Operator Intervention

  • Manipulation of weight in the software system.
  • Manipulation of weight on the Indicator can be done easily on a manual weight input on the keyboard.
  • Manipulation of the weight, using a device such as a transducer or variable resistor etc.

The operator intervention would normally require an agreement with the client / customer, his pay day would usually depend on that, however not always.

There are more sophisticated ways to fraud the weighing transactions, however we have been asked not to disclose these, for obvious reasons.

Overcoming Weighbridge Fraud

We have developed systems that combat the above scenarios and others.

Photo electric cells, placed strategically will ensure the vehicle is encapsulated on the weighbridge before it will allow weighing. No wheels can be placed off the weighbridge. If the sensor beam is broken an alarm will sound and or a warning will appear.

Weight movement: If the weight changes following the initial grabbed weight input an alarm will sound and warnings will appear, this could be personnel leaving the cab or other personnel walking on the weighbridge etc. The weight will be re-checked automatically.

Non-Manipulation: Weights can not be manipulated on our Indicators or Software systems. Either internally or Externally. Libra ANPR cameras and systems can automatically weigh vehicles in and out registering all transactions and recording all vehicle activities on the weighbridge. An operator is not required when fully implemented. Manual entry can be accessed at administrator level if required.

Multiple Cameras:The ANPR systems can match up rear registration plates on trailers to the front plates if required. The system will also capture vehicle and trailer ID to make sure trailers or cabs have not had registration plate changes. other non fixed cameras can be linked to the system on the route to the tipping area for example. These cameras use motion detection and will record whilst there is movement present.

Signage: We Include signs to inform drivers and personnel of your rules for weighing. Example: please stay in cab for the weighing process at all times. "Only enter or leave the weighbridge on a Green light.", "Smile as you're on camera", "ANPR for your safety". Just the presence of signage will put even the most resourceful amongst us off, however it will unwittingly, make them find another victim.


ANPR - Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Our ANPR Systems allow you to create a completely automated and unmanned weighing solution. Increasing productivity and saving you money.

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